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Focus on your business,
and we'll recover your commercial debt.

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The most experienced.

MetroGroup is a full-service accounts receivable management and debt recovery firm. We serve commercial and business-to-business collection needs.

The best expertise.

MetroGroup's experience across multiple industries and markets ensures you receive superior service. We work on a contingent basis, aligning our performance to the results you expect.

Redefining the Art and Science of Collections

MetroGroup has the capabilities to manage any situation from beginning to end. Our in-house attorneys lead collection teams of veteran experts. The quality of our service begins with outstanding teams and excellent team members.

Our first-, third- and fourth-party collections services, dispute resolution and litigation capacity are flexible to meet your requirements along the order-to-cash process.

Some of the industries we serve:

Advertising | Aerospace | Concerts | Cybersecurity 

 Events | Graphic Design | Hospitality | Insurance

 Information Technology | Luxury Goods

Public Relations | Retail | Technology | Transportation


As specialists in accounts receivable management and debt recovery, our efficient systems keep contingency rates comparable other collection agencies who lack MetroGroup’s attorneys, systems and veteran collectors. Our people are the difference in the quality of results.

Our team shares its expertise and insight regularly.

4th Party Services
  • Our clients use MetroGroup as both their in-house receivables manager (1st party) and collections agency (3rd party) to form our unique 4th party service. The efficiencies and effectiveness of MetroGroup 4th party services drive down day sales outstanding (DSO), increase cash flow and improve our clients’ cost structure.


Data and Systems
  • MetroGroup has developed a suite of databases and systems to support our collection efforts. With business intelligence at the ready, we have the knowledge to drive cost-efficient processes, while supporting clients’ sales through our business development and marketing savvy.

  • MetroGroup provides free consulting to fortify your existing contracts and accelerate your debt collection techniques. 


Nationwide Support
  • Through our nationwide network of attorneys, MetroGroup handles any commercial debt collection matter in the United States. Additionally, our attorneys can file suit on our clients' behalf in any jurisdiction worldwide.

Investigative Services
  • MetroGroup provides investigative services to assist in our debt collection efforts. We perform asset searches, skip-traces, and comprehensive business investigations, including site visits, surveillance, and photographs. Most of these investigative services are also free of charge.

Hybrid Agency


MetroGroup and are part of the family of companies within Metro Group, which offers unique receivables management, integrated business processing and events management services. Our companies are united by common principles of excellence, respect, integrity and community. We are leaders in business-to-business industries, with unique expertise in shipping and logistics through Metro Group Maritime ( and events marketing through Metro Group Events (


We are based in New York and with personnel in strategic locations to serve clients nationwide and in Canada.

MetroGroup has a 25-year legacy of excellence in receivables management and debt recovery. 

About Us


MetroGroup’s industry experts and in-house attorneys shed light on the latest developments influencing practices and issues in commercial debt recovery. Our team connects the dots between regulatory changes, legal considerations, and industry trends using our broad-based understanding of business-to-business collections.

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